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"Crusty Crissy" is Definitely a grade a bad ass. Shes the chick you find climbing to the top of the pile in the middle of the circle pit as she screams every last lyric. Shes been rocking this mowhawk for a couple years now. She made me shave her head so she could start from scratch and grow out the mowhawk, "dedication! Devotion!" She screams, when I ask why we cant just save some of her already long hair."I aint no flop! If i cant stick with the scene long enough to grow it out i shouldnt have one!". I definitely respect this about crissy, shes been the same gutter punk girl since i met her five years ago behind the smell, she was yelling at some kid about how the truth of punk rock isnt the clothes or even just the music, "its the attitude! You gotta be willing to get up everymorning tie those boots tight, and fight the good fight!" I smiled thinking this chick gets it, as i had to step in and save this kids ass. Ever since then she has been coming in and testing my creativity, undercuts,choppy mullets and side shaves, are among her usual forte. But the past couple years weve been working on this style that has come into full bloom. She came in today on a whim, "i felt inspired! By what i dont know! But I knew today was the day!" We have been talking about colour for a while shes been platinum the whole time growing it out so we finally started playing with some fun colors! I decided to go with my primarys red, yellow, and blue. they mix and blend as they overlap in styling into other fun combos of green,orange, and purple. She tells me about some up coming shows as I rinse with cool water to keep the colors from bleeding on to eachother, I take her back and squirt a fifty cent piece size amount of my favorite texture cream in my palm and apply it roots to ends on towel dried hair. I rough dry most straight up trying to build as much grip as possible i twist and scrunch as i dry, a little round brush in the front and at the nape to give her a little extra funk. Crissy is smiling ear to ear as i finish and she stands up"F*ck YEAH!" As she double high fives me and starts skanking sround me and my chair, i laugh as i see one of the other clients staring wid

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You better obey the Laws of Man ya pea brained peasents.. That's the only way you maintain your "freedom" here in the world and get 2 experience that LF£ after DEATH!! #law #slavery #bitches #constitution #human #rights #wild #anarchy #liberty #washington #america #fly #stars #universe #zoo #squad #neworder #pizza #empire #thuglife #spirit #hood

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Back detail on a handmade 100 Punks Rule Jacket by Cody Varona. A Handcut Rock N Roll Black Denim Jacket with vintage tees, patches and hand grommeted laced up arms. Available with band patches or custom patches of choice. Check out more at: ForgottenSaintsLA.com Model: @notwhoyouguessed Photo: Rey.M #forgottensaintsla #codyvarona #punk #handmade #ramones #theclash #generationx #thekinks #sexpistols #rocknroll #Hollywood #Melrose #punkjacket #anarchy #rocknrolldesigner #forgottensaints #FSLA

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Within our community—I'm speaking to all who call themselves communists, of any sort—we must criticize if we want to further advance a theory that has been stale since, arguably, the 90s. Let's first note that Marxism is not a set in stone theory, it's only the tool we use to analyze our real conditions to come up with real solutions and a viable path towards communism. This is why dogmatism must first and foremost be combatted. We no longer live in the 1800s, so classical Marxism is a no. It's not 1917, or the 1930s-50s or 60s. Leninism, Stalinism, and even Maoism and Hoxhaism (referring to the policies they put into practice) were the solutions for the people of the Russian empire, soviets, Chinese and Albanians in their time. We are none of those so throw off the chains of your expired dogmas of the past and analyze today, not yesterday. We can of course, still learn from these experiences and we definitely do. But anyway, I digress. Within our ranks we must criticize to advance but we must criticize each other in a way that cannot be exploited by right wingers. This is where the formula for discussion, unity-criticism-unity, comes in. We are all comrades and therefore should treat each other as such. When criticizing one another we should avoid liberalism, which, explained by Mao, "rejects ideological struggle and stands for unprincipled peace, thus giving rise to a decadent, Philistine attitude and bringing about political degeneration" [Continued Below]

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Pendant toute la nuit , tandis que les ténèbres dominent la chambre , que nos peur les plus obscure nous angoisse , que nos sourire s'efface dans le ravage du silence , que notre joie disparait aussi vite que la flamme d'une bougie éteinte par le souffle glacé de notre paranoïa , il reste cette lueur, qu'est-elle ? Ça s'approche , est-ce le sommeil qui me vien ? Non , juste l'une des hallucinations que je fais pendant la nuit , les ombres bougent , les lumières s'envole et ma folie domine mon esprit. Tout ça pour dire que la nuit j'ai des hallu' d'après mon médecin c'est normal dans une dépression sévère. (Admirez ma jambe ) #sick #goth #gothic #emo #punk #metalhead #sadboy #sadgirl #bi #depressed #suicide #death #black #longhair #anarchy #hatred #musician #guitar #nirvana #kurtcobain #kid #big #iloveyou #love #bestfriend #fuck #cat #draw #rotten

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I put my middle finger up to authority #backpackraps #anarchy

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WE ARE BACK CHECK THE LIVE STREAM HAPPENING RIGHT NOW #gameday #10pm #tonight #anarchy #livestream #nowwwwwww god damn

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The innovation of capitalism to rob you from your work place. Estimates show that jobs have been decreasing over the past years, with the study taking place between 1990-2007, concluding that automation has resulted in about about 360,000-670,000 positions being replaced by machines. Automation is theft. #economics #economy #automation #worker #workers #workingclass #socialism #communism #socialist #communist #marxist #marxism #libertariansocialism #anarchism #anarchy #anarchist #anticapitalism #anticapitalist #farleft #seizethemeansofproduction #workersoftheworldunite

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