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Okay so I just watched bries baby shower for the second time in the row because it was soo beautiful and magical to be apart of the Bella army and experience all these things with Brie kinda gets me ready for babies when I get older so yeah Brie btw you looked Amazing️ that baby glow just keeps coming at me and Nicole did amazing with doing the baby shower for Birdie it was so beautiful and Bryan is the best husband in the world #braniel I really love the way you guys are together so congrats Brie once again on baby Birdie and I love you guys lots️️️ and Nikki will be an amazing auntie just the way she smiles when it comes to Birdie you will always know that you will never have to care for Birdie alone Brie so yeah I made this slideshow with the photos from you baby shower please like and hopefully comment️️@thebriebella @thebriebella @thebriebella @thenikkibella @thenikkibella @thenikkibella @bryanldanielson @bryanldanielson @bryanldanielson

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Hey guysHow are you all?

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She is amazing

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