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Ambreigns or Ambrollins

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If you guys aren't already I would very much recommend you go follow @travis_banks13 and join him on his journey to success within the wrestling world. I may be bias since I'm from New Zealand myself and tbh we haven't had mainstream wrestling talent since the Bushwackers (Mark Hunt not included) and also he is very talented displaying "NZ strong Style." I discovered Banks through @officialwcpw and immediately took a liking to him. He will also be at Wrestlemania access so go follow the Kiwi Buzzsaw on his journey @travis_banks13

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If Roode isn't Naks last NXT opponent I would personally love to see this match in an NXT ring. I know this match has happened before but the hard hitting slug fest mixed with the technicality these two could be capable of easily providing the NXT fan base with match of the year for sure!

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