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This Saturday night join Vieques Voices at @elblokvieques for The Vagina Monologues starting at 6pm - being presented in English and Spanish ️ All entry donations are being collected for Casa de la Bondad, a women's shelter on the main island of Puerto Rico. _________ The Vagina Monologues IS: a FUNDRAISER for battered women's shelters, a GLOBAL MOVEMENT towards ending violence against women, showcasing the ART of story telling, sharing the COMMONALITY of women's experience, freakin' HILARIOUS, moving, & amazing __________ #viequesinsider #viequesevents #viequesvoices #fundraiser #thevaginamonologues #spreadlovenotignorance #educateyourself #endviolenceagainstwomen #elblok #elblokvieques #vqs #islanena #bieke #puertorico #vieques #viequesisland #caribbean

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Wild Woman Speaks daily healing art messages 3-28-17 Day 1 of my #menstrualcycle Wild Woman: All that is here in you cannot be put into words. They can only guide you here and point the way. Only you can travel in to experience the forest. The language of the wild is not words. This is only a translation. You are being called to communicate directly---to be the living language that connects and awakens us to be the living forest Mixed media: watercolor, acrylic, menstrualblood

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Only a couple of days left to get your hands on the March for Women Collection before they're gone

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new piece up on my blog, link in bio, on the unjustifiable hateful assault committed by a young man in Thunder Bay against an Indigenous woman, an assault that could very well end her life. i don't know what he was hoping to achieve, what anyone hopes to achieve when they toss dangerous items and racial slurs out of vehicle windows at pedestrians. I don't know what goes on in the minds of those people. I don't know why they can sit back and laugh after causing so much grief. #thunderbay #ontario #assault #firstnations #firstnationsgirls #indigenous #mmiw #amwriting #writersofinstagram #indigenousartist #endviolenceagainstwomen

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We love seeing students reppin' the Raksha movement! Ask us how you can help spread the love across campus too! ️🇳🇵

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“Voices of Men,” uses humor and male voice impressions to educate audiences about sexual assault, domestic violence and other forms of men’s violence against women. Thursday April 27, 6:30-8:30PM, Longmont, CO www.safesheltersymposium #standuptoviolence #voicesofmen #healthymasculinity #endviolenceagainstwomen

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Our day camps make girls feel: ⠀ Strong Valuable Unique Supported‍‍ Worthy Capable ⠀ Tastes of different martial arts , empowering personal safety workshops , crafts , drama , and new girl friends.... basic serious fun. ⠀ ⠀ Only a few spots left for our Passover camp. Be in touch for sign up!⠀ ⠀ 02-678-1764

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Grateful to be teaching yoga for @exhale2inhale ! Exhale to Inhale empowers survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault to transform their lives. ETI uses the healing practice of trauma-informed yoga to empower survivors, while helping communities to develop skills and knowledge to support them. Please consider supporting this incredible org #yogaheals #womenwhosupportwomen #womeninwellness

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. A man's view on rape - when victims become culprits Women around the world need to understand that men in any given circumstance will protect their own even when they know the other man is totally wrong so long as that wrong doing does not directly affect them. The predominant state of most men is sexual in many forms. The man decides the barriers he puts to it. No matter the victim bashing and accusation, women must know that, nothing is ever their fault when it comes to sexual harassment, defilement and rape. Mostly viewed as the weaker member of society giving some men the opportunity to take advantage of them to satisfy their own desires. Men who force themselves on women only do so because over the years, they have fed their minds with depraved thoughts, pornography (music, pictures, stories, movies) and only want to act it out. And as such may be described as cowards. It is never your fault as a woman to be taken advantage of even if you wake up one morning and decide to walk the street in just your panties. As a man I have already purposed in my mind to have sex with an attractive lady, pretty smile, eyes, lips, beautiful walk to complement the figure, nice legs etc. Any one of these will trigger my sexual desires but not enough reason to force myself on a woman. If I want sex, it’s not because you have exposed part of your body or you are flirting with me or something of the sort. I have personally created the need for sex with you without your consent. I just need to work the ropes and wait for the moment. It takes two people for sex to occur. Don’t blame yourself if you didn’t call for it. Just put me away. #stop #victim #blaming #short #dresses & #skirt doesn't #warrant #rape #stop #justifying #rape Rape is sex without consent irrespective of how the person is dressed. (Sistaclinik) A rapist has chosen to have no self-control; feels entitled and is being encouraged by society. #sexabuse #sexualabuse #endviolenceagainstwomen

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Our partner, Zimbabwe Women Lawyers Association (ZWLA), supports women and girls who have experienced violence by providing free legal aid. They also work with local community leaders to change cultural and social norms. ZWLA helped Veronica get custody of her grandson after he was abducted by estranged family members. #women #girls #empoweringwomen #endviolenceagainstwomen #empower #volunteer #law #educate #strong #strength #inspire #inspiration #motivation #photography #photo #camera #shoot #womensrights #instagood #picoftheday #love #hope #smile #feminist #feminism #Zimbabwe #Africa

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Eight signs of abuse. Notice none of them include physical abuse because usually, these behaviors lead up to physical assault #knowtheeight #knowthesigns #domesticabuse #awareness #educate #wcci #fromcrisistocalmtogether #charity #bahrain #bahrainwomen #bahrainsooq #endviolenceagainstwomen

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