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(swipe for textpost) she really upgraded from 2016

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So there's this dude that I'm really into and I wanted to get to know him more so I told him that I thought he was cool and that we should hang out more and then ever since I told him that he's been ducking me he won't respond to my texts or anything and it sucks becaude I don't think I said anything to scare him like that. - @ddlovato #demilovato #demetriadevonnelovato #devonnebydemi #ddlovato #theddlovato #confident #demi #unbroken #herewegoagain #dontforget #lovato #lovatic #lovatics #futurenowtour #lovaticslovedemi #neonlightstour #demiworldtour #neonlights #gyhab #skyscraper #lalaland #catchme #lovaticfamily #warrior #nightingale #rememberdecember #bodysay #d6 #queen

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hi sexy its late as fuck but im hella bored so here you go. CASSIDY we've known each other like a month? idk im slow but ive already become very attached to you smh. im sorry you gotta deal with my hoe ass but i know you love me just a little I HOPE YOU DO FR because i love you a lot hehe. you make me hella happy even though we barely talk anymore sadly. i know i can be annoying and my behavior is not the best yet you still call me ur bestfriend thank you babe. i love when you listen to me talk about alex or my problems and don't assume the worst in me when i do dumb shit

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Sanırım dün akşam yaptığım açıklama biraz yanlış anlaşıldı. Bir takım Selenator'den bahsettim. Bütün Selenatorlerden değil. Demiye hakeret eden Selenatorlerden bahsettim . . . . . . . #demilovato #demetriadevonnelovato #ddlovato #futurenowtour #lovatic #lovato #demetria #socialmediamarketing #inspired #getcreative #winterfun #beawesome #bebold #asiagirl #polishgirl #polond #likeforlike #like4like #followforlike #vaporizer #daily #vape #vapelife #vapeon #vsco #likeforfollow

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julio my baby i've done this about three times and i am about to blow my head off. your post made my day so much better, i love you, i love how caring you are, i love how sweet you are. i love how you leave cute paragraphs for me to get wake up to those have to be my favorite thing. i love your smile. i love your butt i love how you love me i love how you always call me your baby or how you always call me cute. you've have made my heart beat fast since the first day we've met. i know i can get clingy and annoying and i get upset over the most fuckig pointless things but i am so glad you deal with my ass anyways. i loved when you went live, it seems like it's been forever since that day and i miss your voice so much it's so fucking hot n it makes me (wake up and take care of me;)) lmfaodksn ok anyways you're so fucking handsome & SO MINE so you girls over here drooling over my hot ass man i will fight you n bury you 7 feet under try me but julio, i can't wait to hear your voice again i crave it like i crave your touch. i love you. i don't think i can ever say that enough i will tell you i love you 3847823873828482 times a day for the rest of our lives. you make my days better i like rereading our messages when you're gone because it always makes me smile so big. i think about you all the time, i could be at work and i always stop and think "wow i miss julio" or "wow i want to ride julios face right now" lfmskrkwkkrw kinda joking 🤷‍️ but listen nothing's ever gonna come between us, because i have you. no one else even matters anymore, you are the only i have my eyes on. i could go on & on all day long but i think i'm going to end this now i know it's not as good as yours but i know you'll love it anyways. i love you julio more than words will ever even begin to explain. always & forever baby. @titsofjesus

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demi has been serving so many looks lately, idk if my wig will ever return

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michael jackson was an absolute angel who deserved better

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