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loxloxbagel Kullanicisinin 1543825307161047178_26941353 Id'li Fotografina Bak

Jk we still here and teens are at the beach jumping over fires and burning their math notes #teens #firefestival #fyrefestival ????

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mmelumiere Kullanicisinin 1543838552578782199_1115814279 Id'li Fotografina Bak

Dei dent nos auxilia 🌌 🎆♏ #1/3Pitia #ritualdodecateísta #velo #fyrefestival

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wnfiv Kullanicisinin 1543776107378809302_247510372 Id'li Fotografina Bak

Just invited Ja Rule to tomorrow's Y'all at Dix Park concert. Hope he makes it so we can serve him. Oh yeah, we're suing him and the rest of the Fyre gang. Full story next week. #yougotserved. . . #raleigh #raleighnc #nc #northcarolina #dix #dixpark #concert #photo #photography #photooftheday #picoftheday #pic #startup #influencer #fyre #fyrefestival

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@the_mura_masa for @ladygunn (📸 @angelokritikos) . . . #muramasa #ladygunn #reflection #reflections #newmusic #tour #tourdates #lollapalooza2017 #fyrefestival #regram

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holliejonesy Kullanicisinin 1543256356584598128_363797009 Id'li Fotografina Bak

Rally Versa Road Trip was 🔥 #extendovacations.com #nissan #fyrefestival #yukon511

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wnfiv Kullanicisinin 1543145533710647566_247510372 Id'li Fotografina Bak

Programming note: my 21 seconds of Fyre Festival footage actually aired last night on Andy Cohen's "Then and Now" on Bravo. The producers told me it would air tonight and I had hoped to have a watch party where we could all celebrate this momentous occasion. Guess we'll have to save that for the documentary, tentatively titled "Liar, Liar, Pants on Fyre". Here's the clip. #fyrefestival #fyre #bravo

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imagebyvita Kullanicisinin 1543111792883097235_1332557665 Id'li Fotografina Bak

Finding myself in a place full of denial. Something I thought I could never share with the world. I think today seems appropriate to confess .... that I.... am a Fyre Festival Survivor. An event in which The Great Ja Rule referred to as a once in a lifetime music festival experience on an luxurious island, so it made utter sense for me to utilize all of my life savings to accumulate enough funds to purchase the travel package. We were promised performances from the newly energized Blink 182 while enjoying buttered steaks from a world renowned chef but instead got served the biggest plate of disappointment and hypothermia. As the island became overpopulated by pulp fiction background actors, the weather became unwelcoming. The native animals were not too fond of Bella Hadid's decision to not make an appearance. The fact that none of the promised acts came to the island was evident that we would have to evacuate the 900 cubic feet island. The girl I was dating at the time took approximately two hours to get ready because she wanted to look "rescue chic" appropriate. By the time we reached the north bay we were the last people on the abandoned island. As the life boat was approaching us I kindly asked her to run back to the tent which was reserved as a hotel for the VIP guests. I told her that I mistakenly left her passport in our hotel room/ditch. You can imagine my feeling of disappointment when I realized half way to Miami, that she missed the last life boat for no reason since her passport was in my pocket all along. Shoutout to my Ex though, I'm sure she's figuring it out down there. I was taught to make the best out of all situations, so I must say the stomach virus I contracted from eating the poorly grilled - grilled cheese was definitely worth it. I will not sit this one down and be a victim of murder Inc, instead I hope to inspire others with my story. If I had to rate this experience I would have to give it 3 stars. Can't wait for #FyreFestival 2018.

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peter_1972 Kullanicisinin 1543083532266610733_814192693 Id'li Fotografina Bak

Que bien lo pase en #redmasnoticiasmuchas gracias por la invitación!! #thefarwest #director #musicals #producer #liveactionshow #themusicalactionshow #action #talentocolombiano💯 #amomitrabajo #amistad@tonyabsentafilms #fyrefestival

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claudetheoctopus Kullanicisinin 1543033537984581814_312307641 Id'li Fotografina Bak

Today I remember fondly time with my friend, Monsieur Cochon. Thank you for sharing your home with me, and what a gracious host you were, mon ami. #tbt

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jaydiebs Kullanicisinin 1542970547406085933_7295937 Id'li Fotografina Bak

That one night in Miami thanks to #fyrefestival never forget. #tbt

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lu_ci111 Kullanicisinin 1542695376947344461_1707489284 Id'li Fotografina Bak

#assclapping #fyrefestival #1800twerk Lu ci

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