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Josephine Uwineza, “Fina” to friends, has always been an entrepreneur and at the age of 53 she’s about to start all over again, this time in the most unexpected of places. Fina is launching Rwanda’s first brew-pub, and it will be 100% women-owned and operated to boot. “It’s a steep learning curve for me, but I’m up for the challenge. Craft beer is practically non-existent in Central Africa and there are no locally-owned beer producers in Rwanda, never mind a woman-owned and operated brewery. But I’m ready to change that, it’s time for a little market disruption,” Fina says with a laugh. “I don’t believe in coincidences. This opportunity came my way because it was something I was meant to do.” Read Fina's incredible story on www.sheinspiresher (link in bio) #globalgoals #goal5 #goal8 #entrepreneur #womanentrepreneur #femalefounder #startup #entrepreneurship #rolemodel #IfSheCanICan #emergingmarkets #sheboss #bosslady #AfricaRising #womeninbiz #womensupportwomen #womenmotivatingwomen #Africanentrepreneurs #LiftAsYouClimb #Africanstartup #afropreneurs #womensupportingwomen #MadeInAfrica #AfricanVoices #Rwanda #Kigali #beer #craftbeer #beaus #craftbeer #brewpub @uwinezafina @beausallnatural @newlands.systems

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[PROMOTING YOUTH COALITION FOR GIRLS] . . Been really honored and proud to be a part of Young People for SDGs Consultation Meeting along with 25 young leaders around Jakarta and nearby cities. . Speaking about the independent and sustain platform for gathering the ideas and implementing it together, which really focused on the SDGs Goal 5 (Gender Equality), called as Youth Coalition for Girls. . I hereby as the President of Youth Coalition for Girls propose a very new and one and only youth platform that really commits to the fulfillment of SDGs Goal 5. I hope everyone is glad to join our platform on our blog through: WWW.BECAUSEIAMAGIRL-INDONESIA.ORG . Please clicking the 'Youth Coalition for Girls' tabulation and hit the 'REGISTER' button! Or if you want to do something simpler, just chat me to the number 085718162792 . THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH . . #SDGS #goal5 #genderequality #YCG #YouthCoalitionForGirls #BecauseIAmAGirl

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Making a website!! This will have more information about our goals! Link: genderequallity.weebly.com #equalrights #gender #globalgoals #menandwomen #goal5 we will put the link in bio when finished!

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Throwback to women's march!! Truly was a great day where people united for something we all believe in! #genderequality #menandwomen #globalgoals #gender #equalrights #goal5

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Late birthday presents from the amazing @oxladeanegg ! So excited to get started on this masterpiece from @gloriasteinem _________________________________ #book #herstory #birthday #plant #feminism #girlboss

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Women do not make good managers. How will she be able to balance life and work? How many times have you heard something like that being said? How many times have YOU said that? Some perceptions need to change. • Great Campaign by @weinitiative_official#SheKtirMhem #stereotypes #bias #WomenManagers #ChangeMentalities #Change #standforwomen #istandforwomen #womeninbusiness #womenmeanbusiness #equality #sdg5 #globalgoals #goal5

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Together we will turn women’s rights into human rights.

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Day 14!⠀ ⠀ @tafftaha is a social #entrepreneur , lecturer and award-winning human rights #activist . She’s also a Coordinating Ambassador for One Young World in Europe! ⠀ ⠀ Taffan is passionate about feminism, youth leadership and asylum policy. ⠀ ⠀ Her activism is deeply rooted in her childhood. Now based in #Sweden as a political refugee, she fled the Bath regime and Kurdish Civil War. ⠀ ⠀ Coming to Sweden as a child, she experienced further oppression and segregation. She said, ‘my classmates always made fun of me saying, “Go home, you do not belong here…” I think many Kurdish people born in the early 90s experienced this growing up in Europe. That experience is probably the main reason why I assist women and children today in #refugee camps and #Europe itself today.’ ⠀ ⠀ On her work in Kurdistan, she said, ‘championing #feminism in #Kurdistan is so exciting and every little step I take or any progress I make feels so revolutionary! It is such an amazing feeling knowing you could impact and empower women and girls who were abused, forced to carry out #FGM or that lived in the strong honour culture that exists in Kurdish culture.’⠀ ⠀ ‘Almost six years after I started my work, I am more active than ever, carrying out projects that once I could only dream of. In Kurdistan and beyond. They all focus on supporting women and young girls from different parts of the world who are still struggling for the most basic #humanrights .⠀ ⠀ On #IWD , Taffan said, ‘it’s really important because I believe it surely is a day to acknowledge everything we have accomplished as women, but it is even more important to remind us all how much more we have left to do!’ ⠀ ⠀ ‘It is an inspiring day to look back at some of the most influential feminists throughout history that fought for the rights that we have today. Feminism is very diverse and the struggles and achievements can look very different depending on the woman’s background and where she is from. People need to expand their perceptions and perspectives on what feminism is and what it looks like.’⠀ ⠀ #IWD2017 #BeBoldforChange #impossibletoignore #heforshe #goal5

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Gender adalah pembedaan peran, atribut, sifat, sikap dan perilaku yang tumbuh dan berkembang dalam masyarakat.Dan peran gender terbagi menjadi peran produktif, peran reproduksi serta peran sosial kemasyarakatan. Kata gender dapat diartikan sebagai peran yang dibentuk oleh masyarakat serta perilaku yang tertanam lewat proses sosialisasi yang berhubungan dengan jenis kelamin perempuan dan laki-laki. #SDGs #Goal5 #KesetaraanGender

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Day 13! @oneyoungworld Ambassadors Miganoush Magarian and Gretta Hohl are the Co-CEOs and Founders of a social enterprise called Teachsurfing in #Germany . Inspired by their #OYW summit experience, Teachsurfing was founded in 2015. The knowledge sharing platform currently has over 1800 users, consulting 175 organisations from 47 countries. ⠀ ⠀ Miganoush and Gretta said, ‘we believe that everyone whether they are a local, a newcomer, or a traveller can contribute to a community. We want to empower people to use their knowledge and experience to make an impact on the world and inspire others.’ ⠀ ⠀ On International Women’s Day they said, ‘we think every day should be international women's day!’ We need to empower women and remind the world to recognise their contribution.’⠀ ⠀ #IWD #IWD2017 #BeBoldforChange #impossibletoignore #heforshe #goal5 #education

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Day 12! Today we celebrate the work of a man campaigning for #genderequality . @indyhothi_ is an @oneyoungworld Ambassador based in the #UK . He is the co-founder of social enterprise @hothiothi which supports artists from developing countries. He is also a trustee of @khalsa_aid. He believes is using art as a form of advocacy. As an example, Indy is launching a new exhibition this week with Khalsa Aid called #IamYezidi in #London . On #IWD Indy said, 'there are many reasons to mark International Women's Day. The World Economic Forum predicts it will take 117 years until we achieve gender parity across all aspects of life.' 'This year I have the honour and privilege to be working on the photographic exhibition #IamYezidi which aims to provide a voice to #Yezidi women who have been persecuted by #ISIS in #Iraq . These women have gone through horrific ordeals yet maintain such courage, strength and resiliency. We hope that the exhibition will raise further awareness of the community and generate international support.' || #IamYezidi has been featured by Stylist Magazine and Newsweek. The exhibition is open to the public at the Lacey Contemporary Gallery in London, 21st-26th March || #IWD2017 #BeBoldforChange #impossibletoignore #heforshe #goal5

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@timberland announced a new line of shoes, backpacks, and t-shirts, made from recycled plastic bottles in Haiti. Timberland partnered with @Thread , to transform plastic bottles littering the streets of Haiti and Honduras into fabric. The program also employs local Haitians who collect the plastic bottles, resulting in about 1,300 jobs. . . . #cool #CSR #sustainabledevelopment #responsibleproduction #livingwage #equalpay #goal5 #genderequality #timberland #slowfashion #socialgood #goal8 #economicgrowth #goal13 #climateaction #recycle #gogreen #haiti #sustainability #sustainable #timberlands #shoes #fashion #awesome

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#Repost @plancanada with @repostapp ・・・ “I didn’t want to become a stereotype,” says Kiran, 22, a bold young driver of an all-female rickshaw service that offers safe travel for women and girls in #Pakistan . In a country where less than 5% of women have their driver’s license there’s no doubt Kiran is breaking gender stereotypes! #CSW61 #EconomicEmpowerment #GlobalGoals #Goal5 #GirlsEmpowerment #BecauseIamaGirl

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“I didn’t want to become a stereotype,” says Kiran, 22, a bold young driver of an all-female rickshaw service that offers safe travel for women and girls in #Pakistan . In a country where less than 5% of women have their driver’s license there’s no doubt Kiran is breaking gender stereotypes! #CSW61 #EconomicEmpowerment #GlobalGoals #Goal5 #GirlsEmpowerment #BecauseIamaGirl

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Interlinked strategies to tackle gender inequality in South Africa South African NGO Sonke Gender Justice focuses on gender equality and women’s empowerment across Africa. Sonke’s most recent Annual Report outlines the challenges to achieving gender equality and eliminating gender-based violence (GBV) in South Africa: South Africa has one of the highest rates of violence against women in the world and the highest number of new HIV infections worldwide. On average, three women are killed daily by an intimate partner in South Africa… Both violence and HIV incidence are exacerbated by gender norms that equate manhood with dominance over women. Violence perpetrated by men is entrenched by a slow and ineffectual justice system, as well as patriarchal social norms. (Sonke, 2015) Sonke works in 12 countries throughout sub-Saharan Africa to strengthen government, civil society and citizen capacity to promote gender equality, prevent domestic and sexual violence, and reduce the spread and impact of HIV and AIDS. Sonke implements a broad range of interlinked strategies to promote gender equality including partnering with government on policy development; advocacy, activism and community mobilisation; capacity building and training with partner organisations; community education; and research, monitoring and evaluation… Read the rest of the story at Volunteer2030.org!

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Day 10! Anna Dona-Hié works as a Strategy Consultant at Monitor Deloitte in #Paris , #France . She is part of a team of 10 people from across the company who work to combat #youthunemployment in France. The team, collaborating with other companies and the Ministry of Education, are working to mentor, educate and upskill young people to make them more employable. Using an online social network, the programme has engaged with 20,000 users. She said, ‘it is important to balance the job I love with giving back to my community. Around 25% of young people in France are unemployed. Many of my peer group in big companies are like me, they don’t want to choose between a successful career and helping others. So we aim at allying both. That is why young employees will drive businesses to create genuine social change. Based on individual strong motivations and with conviction, it is possible to create action from scratch in a global business and our project is evidence of it.’ On International Woman’s Day, Anna said, ‘there is still so much room for improvement to close the #gendergap . I thought this would not be a challenge that my generation would face in France, but I see in the corporate world how few women reach the boardroom. I see that female students in school often self-censure – for example too many avoid #STEM subjects. Only a combination of global consideration and local actions could tackle this issue and foster change.’ #IWD2017 #BeBoldforChange #genderequality #goal5 #impossibletoignore #heforshe

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Like many girls in Egypt, Hebatallah, 13, grew up in a community where girls and women were harrassed, and unable to speak out against their perpetrators. But today, she refuses to be silent and is speaking out on issues affecting girls' safety at #CSW61 in New York! Way to go Hebatallah! #GlobalGoals #Goal5 #GirlsEmpowerment #SafeCities

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