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Birthday boi vibes . #happybirthdayzaddy

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Happy Birthday to my best friend, my lover , my everything! I pray god continues blessing you with good health, wealth & life! Thanks for being an Amazing father & husband! I can't thank you enough for all that you do! Love you sooo much can't wait to celebrate #HappyBirthdayZaddy #35yearsyoung #blessed @jimmypineapples threw some #Tb in there 🤣 from then to now

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Me and my honey at the end of his birthday dinner! I know we're here all the time, but it's our favorite. Don't judge us! #HappyBirthdayZaddy #BeautyAndTheBeast BirthdayBehavior

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Sooooo I had to post this picture of my man looking all types of delicious before the day comes to an end. Happy Birthday Baby!! I'm so lucky to be able to celebrate yet another birthday with you. You are such an amazing man and you constantly set the standard for others to reach. 30 years of being caring, selfless and fucking amazing... oh yeah gangsta and all that too. ️ #HappyBirthdayZaddy #ZaddiesDirtyThirty

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I have a million words, I love you is the best place to start. You are a man of many strengths and talents, you are my best friend, my world and my fav person. Happy birthday, 21st birthday. I remember the day I met you and we have finalllyyy made it here. #happybirthdayzaddy

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A little something for my babies to come home to ️ #HappyBirthdayZaddy

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Happy birthday Papabear. I don't have much to say...you know how much I love and adore you and I think it's a million times obvious how happy you make me from just looking back at these pictures. I love you. #HappyBirthdayZaddy #WitchoFineAss @monki240

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HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY BAE I wonder if this means he's gonna be ready to settle down soon lol well look no more @michaelbjordan I'm right here! Lmao #happybirthdayzaddy #dirty30 #michaelbjordan #4jordanloversonly #zaddy #bae #the sexiestmanalive

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everyone who knows me or even who doesn't KNOW how I feel about this MAN , i be so dead ass when it come to him , always been that way when we first met I knew u was the one to drive me more crazy than I am NOW, miss being under you , blowing up ya phone ,getting on ya nerves , me getting my way wit u ️️ , I just want to say Happy birthday!!! I love you ️ & yea I hate that your not out here to celebrate !! But god know why he do things & what for! I love you forever , & like I tell you & told you all the time , I will never leave.. & never left YOUUUUUUU . & this is from the heart!!! ️ #happybirthdayZaddy #freethereal !!

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Muchas gracias por formar parte de mi adolescencia, por nunca hablar mal de 1D, por luchar por lo que crees correcto para ti a pesar de que a la gente no le va a gustar, eres un hombre que lucha por lo que cree, que a pesar del resentimiento que tienen algunas de sus "fans", si es que se les puede llamar así, tú sigues adelante haciendo lo que te hace feliz y si te equivocas bueno, de los errores se aprende ¿no?, Nosotras siempre estaremos apoyándote en todas tus decisiones porque queremos verte feliz, eres una persona asombrosa un ejemplo de valentía por lo de tu enfermedad, tienes un talento innegable que supiste aprovechar, una novia que te apoya en todo lo que haces y te hace muy feliz y eso es lo único que quiero, que tú seas feliz. No tengo palabras para describir todo el amor que tengo hacia tí y lo agradecida que estoy por que existas, Se que no leerás esto pero solo quería darte mi apoyo completamente y que sepas que tú tienes todo mi corazón y que tienes una parte del fandom que te ama sinceramente y quiere lo mejor para ti, sígue deleitándo con tu voz a millones de personas y haciendo lo que te gusta, espero que este año mejore para ti y que tu próximo disco sea igual de bueno que MOM. Te amo infinitamente N.- #24YN #24DetailsOfZayn #HappyBirthdayZayn #HappyBirthdayZaddy #HappyBirthdayZaynMalik

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17.- Su mirada, es tan tierna que no puedes parar ningún segundo de verla. #24YN #24DetailsOfZayn #HappyBirthdayZayn #HappyBirthdayZaddy #HappyBirthdayZaynMalik

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16.- Su risa, el sonido más bello que pueda existir en la tierra. #24YN #24DetailsOfZayn #HappyBirthdayZayn #HappyBirthdayZaddy #HappyBirthdayZaynMalik

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