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Gold, no spray tan

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New lens, who this?

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I don't normally do this but I got a reminder of this terrible experience on my "on this day" on facebook. (Photo from my first shoot ever from a few years ago). I always wanted to be a model. Like a lot of girls. When I got my first shoot with a photographer I was so excited. But I definitely did not know what to expect at all. I was naive and ignorant. At first he seemed nice. We had a couple nice shoots but I was never really happy with the outcome of any of them. He would promise me paid work that never happened. He slowly tried to get me to do things I was absolutely not comfortable with. And constantly saying no because I knew what I felt was right. Especially for my age. He kept pushing me and made me so uncomfortable and in a way violated because I trusted him, I lost all passion to be in front of the camera. I realized he was not someone I should be trusting. So I gave it up for a few years til I slowly started to grow that passion again. And when I finally worked with a professional I realized how messed up my first experience was. How amazing an actual shoot is and how confident I actually felt once I was with the right people. And now I know it's what I want to do. Hopefully one day I can really be successful in that industry. #dontgiveupondreams #standupforyourself #standuptopressure #loveyourself #beconfident #dontloseyourself #beautiful #scoutmetier1mm #scoutme #omgscouting #makemefamous #iwanttobeamodel

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Finally Friday

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