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Ohhhh gemma just posted 2 years ago today sis bro friendship ️ please guys go to gemma's post and comment about telling her to let harry post at less one post ️ @harrystyles @gemmastyles #harrystyles #onedirectionfunny #onedirectionfans #onedirection

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They just completed 6 years omg I just can't believe that I miss them so much @harrystyles @louist91 @liampayne @niallhoran #harrystyles #onedirection #onedirectionfans #onedirectionfunny

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No no my angel don't cry me too I'm just like you please don't be upset ️ just don't you ever care about what people say believe me you are the best cutest kindest funniest helpful careful friendly person I ever seen ️ just remember that never ever care about them @harrystyles #harrystyles #harrystylesfans #onedirectionfans #voteforonedirection #onedirectionfunny

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Many say no, but they are perfection in the form of people #onedirectionfans #onedirection

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