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Treated the mother to a trip to Edinburgh to see @emelisande , dat voice kills it. Also my first sober gig since Steps were in their heyday #emelisande #powerful #shitgotdeep #shitgotreal

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When I was about 16, I was convinced that people who were 25 were "proper adults" and had their lives together and on track. Well after turning 25 today I can confidently say that's not true - we don't always have our shit together and we're certainly not "proper adults" haha. But, I'm in the job I've dreamed of since I was 16 (nerd), my relationships with my family and friends are the best they've been in quite a while and I've got a boyfriend who's fully got my back. So what if I still live at home with my parents and only have my life planned out a week at a time - I'm okay with where I'm at and I'm okay with suddenly being 25. #shitgotdeep #emotionalstuff #birthday #personal #25 #pretendingtoadult #appreciatingthelittlethings #properadult #grownup #supposedly #tattooist #colouringforaliving

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I'm on some real life shit - nothings ever pretty #shitgotdeep

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Things escalated quickly.. #shitgotdeep

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Moody pick 2K17 #shitgotdeep

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Viktor and Rolf boulevard of broken dreams couture collection based on kintsugi, the Japanese art of repairing broken ceramics with gold. Rather than disguising the brokenness and tossing it aside it treats the breakage as a history of the object. Similar to wabi-sabi the philosophy of embracing the flawed or imperfect. This can be seen as a rationale to keep an object around even after its been hurt. Even after suffering. Because we all have stories. And we all have breaks and cracks. Sometimes it's easier to hide them. But sometimes there are moments when we can repair them by just telling our stories and letting the inside be illuminated. . . . . #shitgotdeep #vagabond #viktorandrolf #boulavardofbrokendreams #design #art #broken #chefsofinstagram #inspiration #designers #colors #art #love #foodartlove #fashion #artists #fashionweek #newyork

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It's kind wild how attached we get to things and stuff. I put emotions into my trinkets often, it's natural, I think? and I enjoy them. Sometimes if I'm without my jewels I feel naked; like I'm not expressing my true self. And sometimes it freaks me out that I think I need all these physical colors for others/myself to see my true colors inside. But mostly I think it's fun and creative, such a fun way to express yourself! I wanna wear all the colors, all the bells and bows and sing my song to all! and I'm just getting deep for no reasonanyone else feelin this? #attachments #expressyoself #lifeisgroovy #shitgotdeep

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Something motivational for you all #humpday peeps doing the grind. Work hard play hard, you deserve to reward yourself and feel the serenity, be greatful for what you have. Every choice you make will impact yourself within, so do meaning with a purpose because it's meaningless without purpose. #shitgotdeep #motivation #motivationalquotes #straightup #str8up #str8uphf #personaltrainer #coach

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I met @sideways_sr5 today out at #mormonemigranttrail and he was making this shit look easy! He gave me an escort up the hill and I got to go through shit I wouldn't do if I was by myself thnx man! #toyota #3rdgen4runner #mormonimmigranttrail #snowwheeling #tacomaworld #straightaxle #ironmountainroad #shitgotdeep #igotstuck #4runner

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Ebb and flow. Every tattoo I have was too thought out and has too much significance. I place these marks on my body to remind my later self of a person, a time in my life or an idea. This one is ebb and flow. And when I got it I didn't know what a significant reminder it would be in my life. Ebb and flow: sometimes things are in incredible abundance and euphoric. The idea is, these feeling will eventually leave and cannot last forever. This is not a negative thing. It just is. Just as the low times of sadness and deficiency will also not last. Like the waves of the ocean, we experience high tides, and low tides but the waves will keep coming and it will never stay one way too long. Remember this. Tattoo it on yourself if you must. Whatever you're going through, cherish the good times and never regret them. And don't hang on too tight to the bad ones. Money, people, experiences, feelings, love, coffee. Good or bad. Time will pass. Ride out the wave and keep your head up. #ebbandflow #livingonaoneway #shitgotdeep #traveltattoos #abundance #keepyourheadup

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I think as human beings we quickly misinterpret emotions. We see a clear emotion and assume it only has one meaning. Anger means anger. Sadness means sadness. Happiness means happiness. Rarely do we assume something that looks like anger could actually mean sadness. That a smile on the outside doesn't determine the feeling on the inside. But in reality, it does. Don't let one person's emotions determine how you understand that individual. Don't let what you assume you see on the outside determine what's happening on that person's insides. Take the time to communicate with the people around you and truly learn to understand #shitgotdeep #emotions #feelings #socialworker #sahm #love #anger #sadness #insideout #hurt

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I never upload photos like this, and probably never will again also I'm aware of how huge my things are but I'm finally embracing them and starting to feel comfortable in my own skin #shitgotdeep #thickthighs #mycalvins

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Work in progress! Borrowed a photo from @misstwigster for this one. Thinking of putting a Star Wars spin on it to go with current themes on this page. Swapping out the phone for a blaster pistol but in a way a phone is enough of a weapon already... #ShitGotDeep #arte #art #sketch #drawing #starwars #painting #photoshop #worldofartists #arts_help

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Be the lighthouse that guides your people home! No pushing... no pulling... just the steadfast, radiating light! #shitgotdeep #earlybdaypresent #niteowltattoo #yourtatyourstory

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Thing no. 3's first foray into songwriting... Shit got deep... @cheryl.richards1 and I should probably listen to more cheerful music at home... #angstintheundersixes #angst #dark #shitgotdeep #dontpanicleonardcohenfansyoullbeokinabout12yearstime #dadlife #whattheactualfuck #nomorejoydivisionornickcaveuntilshesasleep

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@tmz_tv ..... Listen To What He Says At The End #Pause #shitgotdeep #punintended

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I feel young again. This year, at the ripe are of 22, I have learned to feel young again. I'd become obsessed with impressing people, proving my worth, not having my motives be skewed by emotion, and working hard to insure people couldn't get on without me so they wouldn't let me go. It was a constant daily role of professionalism, maturity, and composure that took so much energy and makeup and unhealthy spending habits and emotional isolation to keep up. But this year has massively reorganised my priorities. Being child-like is not immature, but being mature enough to recognise, find wonder in, and wholeheartedly celebrate what really matters: not a life of success, but success in living. Give long hugs, and mean them. Speak up about something or someone you like, and also tell people when you're not okay. Laugh genuinely, snorts and wheezes and all. Ask questions when you don't know the answer, and improvise when you have to. And don't give a shit what other people think when you feel like pretending to be a talking pine tree. • • • • • • • #thishasbeendeeptalkswithstacia #thanksforjoining #shitgotdeep #childlikewonder #chasingwonder #christmas2016 #pineyreturns #harpermook #THEFLANNELSTRIKESAGAIN

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