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Rick Steiner:

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Man, times have changed. Security confiscated my "KEVIN OWENS HAS SYPHILIS" sign at Raw upon entry. 🤷‍️

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Making my WM predictions for later. Damn this is hard - - - - - - - #smackdown #y2j #wwe #raw #smackdown #kevinowens #unitedstateschampion #omg #wrestlemania #chrisjericho

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Randy Orton: "El combate entre Roman Reigns y The Undertaker debería cerrar WrestleMania 33" - La Víbora fué entrevistado en Yahoo Sports para hablar de su lucha contra Bray Wyatt y de quien debería protagonizar el Main Event de WrestleMania. - "Taker se va a enfrentar a Roman Reigns y eso va a ser bueno. Honestamente, creo que debería ser el último combate de la cartelera. Creo que todo el mundo se irá feliz si ve ese combate al final. Espero que Undertaker zarandee a Reigns como una muñeca de trapo. Estamos hablando de Roman Reigns, pero también de Undertaker", declaró Orton. "¿Será el último combate de Undertaker? Hay mucha especulación sobre esto, pero espero que no. Desde hace veinte años, cuando suena el gong y va de camino hacia el ring, la energía que desprende no la consigue nadie más. Da igual si aparece John Cena o Shawn Michaels, la energía de Undertaker es diferente y creo que se ha ganado el respeto de los fans más que nadie", añadió. #LunaticHardy #wwe #WrestleMania #randyorton #rko #viper #romanreigns #romanempire #theundertaker #undertaker #deadman #raw #smackdown

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14 yrs ago today one of my favorite wrestlemaina matches ever. Angle and Lesnar has always been one of my favorite rivalries and this match really stuck out to the young kid I was. I loved every bit of the match and for years I thought brock landed the star press. These 2 are in my top 10 wrestlers and I really want to see a star down between them at mania Sunday

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Power couple

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Aww 7 years ago I went to my first live @wwe event #smackdown where I got to see my favorite wrestler @matthardybrand for the first time also my favorite the legend the #Undertaker I remember even though I was In the very last seats in the back the second I walked into the arena I started bawling when I was little I never thought I would ever go to a show I thought it would only be something I saw on TV. That was awesome! #ilovewrestling #wwe #hardy #WRESTLEMANIA

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Two of the greatest heel of the last decade 🤘 ▪️▫️▪️▫️▪️▫️▪️▫️▪️▫️▪️▫️▪️▫️ #WWE #WWF #ECW #WCW #PWG #ROH #NJPW #TNA #Prowrestling #Raw #Smackdown #NXT #WWE2k17 #Wwenetwork #Wwesellout

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I just love Dean. It's unexplainable.

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WWE Monday Night Raw 12th March 2007 - Battle of the Billionaires Contract Signing |part5|

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