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#inspiración #unsueño #Repost @tibetoday with @repostapp ・・・ What is a Tibetan Prayer Flag and what does it mean? It's not just a decoration; Traditionally, prayer flags are used to promote peace, compassion, strength, and wisdom. The flags do not carry prayers to gods, a common misconception; rather, the Tibetans believe the prayers and mantras will be blown by the wind to spread the good will and compassion into all pervading space. Therefore, prayer flags are thought to bring benefit to all. By hanging flags in high places the Lung ta will carry the blessings depicted on the flags to all beings. As wind passes over the surface of the flags which are sensitive to the slightest movement of the wind, the air is purified and sanctified by the Mantras. The prayers of a flag become a permanent part of the universe as the images fade from exposure to the elements. Just as life moves on and is replaced by new life, Tibetans renew their hopes for the world by continually mounting new flags alongside the old. This act symbolizes a welcoming of life's changes and an acknowledgment that all beings are part of a greater ongoing cycle. Because the symbols and mantras on prayer flags are sacred, they should be treated with respect. They should not be placed on ground or used in clothing. Old prayer flags should be burned. Some believe that if the flags are hung on inauspicious astrological dates, they may bring negative results for as long as they are flying. The best time to put up new prayer flags are in the mornings on sunny, windy days. Old prayer flags are replaced with new ones annually on the Tibetan New Year

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COLORES SANTOS Es una hamburguesa muy sabrosa y particular, de garbanzos con remolachas. Llena de sabores, mayonesa de pimientos asaditos y un adherezo de zanahoria muy fresco. Lleva lechuga, rodajas de tomate. Un corazón gigante de palta. Y por último y bien tentador cebollitas caramelizadas. Un amor. . . . #coloressantos #lahamburguesa #burguer #unsueño #amoralaburguer #food #foodie #fit #healthy #comida #saludable #vegetariano #animal #vegetarian #vegan #veganstreet #vegano

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#UnSueño jijijijijjjj #Chiste

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Sudor, pensamientos encontrados y miles de cosas pasando por la mente... exactamente eso sucede en esos últimos metros antes de llegar a la meta, luego las lágrimas salen solas y es como el desahogo de todo... Cada corred@r sabe porque corre y que en la mayoría de los casos las piernas no son las que nos llevan a la meta sino el corazón!!! . . #CAF2017 #CAF #Caracas #Runner #Run #PaLante #InstaRunner #InstaRun #Running #Corre #Asfalto #Carrera #MediaMaraton #21k #UnSueño #MiSueño

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Todo terminado un sueño - - - #quedastede10 #unsueño

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La vida me sigue regalando motivos para reír .. #unsueño #unameta #sigomicamino #sigoviajando

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