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GM guys Imo smackdown live wasn't anything special the opening was ok styles vs Shane contract signing styles hit shane with reality that's it's a ordinary match and stuff that was ok I didn't watch the women's match cause it didn't intrigue me Then the miz John cena segment that was my favourite part miz showing everyone the rest of the leaked total Bella videos then John comes out does some talking and it's great 10 man tag match: good match sad Tyler was the one who got pinned Bray vs luke Harper:I'm happy Luke finally got a new t-shirt after he's been wearing the same one for like 4 years and the match was ok but the ending wasn't my favourite thing in the world Then randy come on titatron after bray wins ten stabs the sister Abigail and makes a statement heading into wm Then that's the end of the show Imo it was a 6/10 show

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This is so disappointing!!! No summer Emma or any of the women predicted to be in it..and it's a kickoff match ,we seen this match at backlash just replaced Nikki with mickie!! SERIOUSLY hope that this doesn't stay the final match card. #beckylynch #naomi #carmellawwe #alexabliss #natalya #sdlive #smackdown

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